Racing classes

There are many varying classes of racing which take place at Sunbury Amateur Regatta. As well as the usual Skiffing, Punting and Dongolas, in years gone by, classes have included "Kayaks", and even "Canadian Eights".  The following classes will be raced this year (subject to entry):

Club Skiffing

  • Gentlemen's Senior Single Sculls (for the Mills Memorial Challenge Cup)
  • Gentlemen's Senior Double Sculls (for the Committee Challenge Cup)
  • Ladies' Senior Single Sculls (for the Collis Challenge Cup)
  • Ladies' Senior Double Sculls (for the Ken Douglas Memorial Challenge Cup)
  • Senior Mixed Double Sculls (for the Cherry and Malcolm Harvey Cup)
  • Gentlemen's Junior Senior Single Sculls (for the Belton Challenge Cup)
  • Gentlemen's Junior Senior Double Sculls (for the Chamber of Commerce Challenge Cup)
  • Ladies' Junior Senior Single Sculls
  • Ladies' Junior Senior Double Sculls
  • Junior Senior Mixed Double Sculls
  • Gentlemen's Junior Single Sculls (for the Rutherford Cup)
  • Gentlemen's Junior Double Sculls (for the George Elliott Challenge Cup)
  • Ladies' Junior Single Sculls (for the Joan Gaynor Challenge Cup)
  • Ladies' Junior Double Sculls
  • Junior Mixed Double Sculls
  • Gentlemen's Novice Single Sculls (for the Janet Graham Challenge Cup)
  • Gentlemen's Novice Double Sculls (for the Glaser Challenge Cup)
  • Ladies' Novice Single Sculls (for the Birch Challenge Cup)
  • Ladies' Novice Double Sculls (for the Coleman Challenge Cup)
  • Mixed Novice Double Sculls
  • Gentlemen's Veteran Double Sculls Handicap (for the Magpie Challenge Cup)
  • Club Dongola (for the African World Shield)
  • Open Scratch Skiff Dashes (for the Vesta Challenge Bowl)


Club Punting

  • Championship of the Lower Thames (for the Sunbury Challenge Cup)
  • Ladies' Championship of the Lower Thames (for the Douglass Challenge Cup)
  • Gentlemens' Junior Single Punting (for the Tatham Memorial Cup)
  • Ladies' Junior Single Punting
  • Gentlemen's Novice Restricted Single Punting
  • Ladies' Novice Restricted Single Punting
  • Gentlemen's Single Punting Handicap (for the Squire Memorial Challenge Cup)
  • Ladies Single Punting Handicap (for the Sunbury Regatta Challenge Cup)
  • Gentlemen's Double Punting Handicap (for the Laleham Skiff & Punting Challenge Cup)
  • Mixed Double Punting Handicap (for the Gale & Power Challenge Cup)
  • Gentlemen's Veteran Double Punting
  • Gentlemen's Single Punting Best & Best (for the Wilkins Cup)
  • Ladies' Single Punting Best & Best
  • Gentlemen's Single Punting in Canoes (for the Dardier Challenge Cup)


Local Events

  • Row for Your Local (for the Murray-Scott Challenge Cup)
  • Local Dongola (for the Round Table Trophy)
  • Local Mixed Doubles (for the Page Engineering Cup)
  • Local Gents Doubles
  • Local Ladies Doubles
  • Local Veterans' Doubles (for the Miller Cup)
  • Tug of War (for the St. George's Taverns Trophy)
  • Best Dongola Fancy Dress (for the Copegill Trophy)
  • Mixed Doubles (for the Chamber Pot)
  • Invitation Cutter Race



  • Victor Ludorem